If you're here, that means you are a virtual assistant to Mary Kay directors! (If you haven't heard it lately, you're doing a fabulous job. Being an assistant can be brutal!)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Providing quality graphics is key to gaining more clients! My Canva templates make YOUR life easier with drag-and-drop capabilities, and working with me will come with perks.


Tier 1: 101+ Directors (contact for rate)
Tier 2: 76-100 Directors ($200 per month)
Tier 3: 51-75 Directors ($150 per month)
Tier 4: 26-50 Directors ($100 per month)
Tier 5: 16-26 Directors ($75 per month)
Tier 6: Under 15 ($50 per month)

This discounted flat rate will give you and your employees full access to my graphics group.

So what's in it for you?

When you become a Virtual Assistant partner, your graphic suggestions and requests will become my top priority. I'll also be available for top notch Canva support, and I'll share as many tips and tricks that you need to help you work efficiently. Ready for the best part?
Each time you move up a Tier as an assistant, I will give you a premium shoutout in my group to help you earn more business.* My group is full of directors who are eager to pay someone to help them keep their Unit recognized!

Erin Marlowe Headshot.jpg

*Prior to the shoutout, I will request a few examples of your work to ensure that you're providing quality service and understanding Canva basics. If help is needed, I'll guide you to help you improve your work.

I can't wait to partner with you! Please reach out so we can go over some details and get you started!