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Virtual Prize Packs

Say goodbye to $2 earrings and .50 cent pens that end up in the trash and reward your consultants with quality graphics! For only $5 per month, you will have access to top secret links that you can pass along to your qualified Consultants.

Link of the Month

Suggested use: $300 by the 15th, Top 5 of the month, 10 by the 10th, $100 Day, etc

Each month, your achievers will enjoy a new bundle of graphics that are designed to keep their people engaged and excited. With pre-made captions to go along with each graphic, posting is a breeze! The secret link of the month also contains editable seasonal templates complete with a detailed Canva tutorial. These seasonal graphics will coordinate with holidays or seasons and provide customer content such as graphics to support a successful holiday glam look event, a fun 4th of July sale, and more!

July Pre-Soar Promo (1).jpg
July24 Virtual Prize Pack.jpg

Virtual Business Kit

Suggested use: Completed NC Checklist, GS Qualified, Successful Launch Party, etc

The Virtual Business Kit provides Consultants with all the tools they need to launch a successful virtual business. Detailed Canva tutorials will walk them through every step of the editing and downloading process so they can use the graphics to look professional and qualified. The templates include: FB Cover Photos, Business Card Duos, Before & After, and This or That templates.

New! In the Leadership Album - 2024-02-28T124320.280.png

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