Social Media


If you are a small business owner, you know that keeping up with social media is a MUST.

  • As a Group or Page Manager, I will take away the stress of remembering to keep your page updated.

  • I will vamp up your social media feed by becoming an admin of your pages or using your business account.

  • You may provide me with access to a gallery of images you would like me to use for advertising whether that be through email, dropbox, fb albums, flashdrives, etc. Please ensure that you have the rights to publish the works.

  • I will edit photos as needed and create a unified look on your pages.

  • Each post’s caption will match your business’ language. I will look at your previous posts, push your brand, and of course take your targeted audience into consideration when creating a caption. My goal is to encourage positive interactions on each post.

  • For advertising, I will use your previous hashtags as well as others that I believe will bring a larger audience to the posts.

  • A single post that I create may be shared among various social media outlets at no additional cost so long as I have access to them.

Erin Marlowe

Virtual Assistant


Phone:  956-792-6240

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