Erin Marlowe Graphics goes a step beyond pic collages!

Using Canva Templates makes recognition a breeze with drag-and-drop capabilities. Say goodbye to shrinking, rotating, and cropping!

Saves Time. Saves Money. Saves Frustration.


Pic Collage:

9 minutes & 17 seconds

December Working Consultants Large Photos.png

Erin's Canva Template:

3 minutes & 48 seconds

As an MK Director, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your Unit feels valued, recognized, and important with graphics that they're eager to show off to family and friends. Take a look at these two images:


If your recognition resembles the photo on the left, it's time for an upgrade!

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Note: you will NEVER have to pay Canva to download my graphics. Every template is 100% editable with a free account.

What's Inside:

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Car 100 and cadillac.png
Seminar23 Gold Tracking (3).png
October double credit month Promo (4).png
New Consultant Packet SAMPLE.png
Seminar23 Leadership Goals.png
October Double Credit Reco.png
March Dress to Impress.png
  • Bday/Anniversaries
  • Career Path
  • ​Cars
  • DIQ
  • Education
  • FB Cover Photos
  • Grand Days/Items Sold
  • Great Start
  • Invites
  • Leadership Boards
  • Monthly Album
  • New Consultants
  • ​Postcards/Gift Certificates
  • Product Launches
  • Queens & Medals
  • Quarter 3 Star Countdown
  • Seminar 2022
  • Seminar 2023
  • Stars
  • Tracking
  • Unit Promos
  • WAS & Plugged-in
  • Zoom Backgrounds

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