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Erin Marlowe

Hi, I'm Erin Marlowe! I live in Dallas, TX with my wonderful husband and sweet baby girl. I began my business designing graphics in the Summer of 2018. I quickly fell in love with the Pink world and the way that women are praised and recognized for their success. I want every woman to feel empowered and encouraged. Creating Canva templates is my way to make your life as a Director a little easier! I take the hassle out of coming up with content and create gorgeous drag-and-drop graphics that your consultants are eager to show off to their friends and family.


An Interview with Erin Marlowe

Interviewed 10/22/2023 by Jules

Why does your company exist?

"EMG exists because there's a need for it. Consultants deserve quality recognition for their achievements with graphics that they're eager to share with family and friends even if graphic design isn't their Director's strong suit."


How did your business begin?

"My introduction to the Pink bubble is one of those stories that makes no sense when you're in it, but once you look back you see how God aligned everything to perfectly fall into place. When I was finishing up my college degree back in 2018, I was looking for a summer job as a nanny. I found the sweetest family with 3 little girls and their mom was none other than a Pink Cadillac Sales Director. I began helping in her office, and I quickly fell in love with the way women are celebrated and empowered. I started working as a Virtual Assistant and built my client base up to 17 Directors ranging from a month-one debut to a Million $ Unit. My true passion for graphic design was born, and I created my EMG subscription as a way to help as many Directors as I could."

Describe your business in 3 words:

"Creative. Trustworthy. Innovative."

What makes you unique?

"Since I'm a Directors-only graphic designer, I spend my time working on content that's designed to move a Unit forward as a whole. From monthly promos to unit-wide events, I give you the tools you need to keep your Unit on fire. I also regularly consult with Top Directors to provide both innovative and tried & true ideas."

What's your favorite part about running your business?

"Hands down getting to stay home to watch my baby girl grow up! I also love recognizing names and faces as they walk across the stage and knowing that I played a tiny role in their success."

What is your #1 goal for EMG?

"I'd love to become a vital part of every Director's success. I hope that my content can save them time, money, and effort so they can focus on doing what they do best."

What would you say to someone who's on the fence with your subscription?

"Girl, do it! *laughs* Most graphic designers are $18-$20/hour. My subscription costs less than 1 hour of work per month and you immediately get access to over 1,200 templates that are completely customizable. Imagine the time you'll save so you can focus on income producing activities!"

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