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Erin Marlowe Graphics

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EMG is a subscription service that gives you access to 1,500+ Canva templates designed to support you as a Pink Director!

With Erin Marlowe Graphics...

Your Consultants feel valued, recognized, and important.

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With Erin Marlowe Graphics...

Your Unit stays informed, focused, and united.

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With Erin Marlowe Graphics...

You can benefit from collaborations with brilliant minds.

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Gain Access to my full library with 1,500+ templates and counting for only $15 per month!

If you are interested in accessing EMG as a Virtual Assistant, please contact me to learn about becoming a Graphics Partner.

Choose your pricing plan

  • EMG Monthly

    Every month
    Encourage and recognize your Unit with quality graphics!
  • EMG Yearly

    Every year
    Receive TWO months free!

You may unsubscribe at any time by logging into your account and going to my subscriptions. Refunds will not be given for amounts paid, but access to EMG will remain through the end of the subscription period.

 If you subscribed prior to June 30th, 2022, click here to unsubscribe.



Erin Marlowe

Hi, I'm Erin Marlowe! I live in Dallas, TX with my wonderful husband and sweet baby girl. I began my business designing graphics in the Summer of 2018. I quickly fell in love with the Pink world and the way that women are praised and recognized for their success. I want every woman to feel empowered and encouraged. Creating Canva templates is my way to make your life as a Director a little easier! I take the hassle out of coming up with content and create gorgeous drag-and-drop graphics that your consultants are eager to show off to their friends and family.

  • Do I need to pay for a Canva subscription?
    Nope, never! 100% of my graphics are available for editing and downloading with a free version Canva account.
  • How do I access your templates?
    When you subscribe to my graphics, you have two options to access my graphics. You can join my private Facebook group or access here on my website. From there, you can download templates to your Canva account and access them at any time by heading to
  • Will you post on my behalf?
    At this time, I do not have the capabilities to post on your behalf. You will find that my templates are a giant time saver with drag-and-drop capabilities though!
  • I have an idea for a graphic-can you help?
    Absolutely! I am always open to suggestions, and some of my best work comes from requests. If there is a graphic that I imagine several directors will benefit from, I will add it to my ongoing suggestion list.

Let me take graphics off your plate! If you have questions about me or my business, I'm happy to answer.

Erin Marlowe

Graphic Designer


Voxer:  erinmarlowe

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